5 Reasons Why You Need a Realtor When You Choose New Construction

5-reasons-realtor.jpgWhen you decide on a new construction property, you will need the services of an experienced realtor and one who can provide you with the right representation. It is unwise to choose an agent that has conflicting interests; this means that as the buyer, you shouldn’t go for an agent who is already representing the seller
New Home Construction- save you both time and money
You should consider several factors when you decide to purchase a new home construction. While floor plans, fixtures and facades are appealing, they are not usually the most important factors to consider when buying a new home construction. You have to pay attention to location, resale value, appreciation and the builder’s reputation.
A realtor can use negotiation skills to help you get your home at the best price. Realtors can assist in writing, amending and reviewing all the necessary paperwork and contracts related to the home you want to purchase. By not getting a realtor to assist you, you may be setting up yourself for additional charges, hidden costs, unplanned fees and inflated prices when you decide to purchase a home.
Dispute Resolution: Issues sometimes arise that cause a dispute on both sides. The cause may be about cost, work orders, time, or any other issue. Having an expert to guide you when these issues come about, will make the situation less stressful for you.
After Closing: Generally, closing costs tend to be greater than what you anticipated, but if you have a realtor looking out for you, you can be at ease knowing that any surprise will be taken care of. An experienced realtor can deal with the punch list that is normally associated with new construction.
Cost to You: Using a realtor is no added cost to you. Their fee is already included in the cost of the home. This allows them to provide you with the right representation; giving you confidence that your best interest is being taken care of. Home builders enjoy working with realtors because a good realtor is the source for bringing them much business. Home builders in the Nashville area always keep realtors abreast of what is happening in the real estate market; available homes and those coming up. In this way, the flow of interested buyers will always remain high.
Savings to You: Choosing a realtor to assist you in the purchasing of a new construction can really keep some bucks in your pocket. A Realtor knows just what should be included in a contract and the incentives, specials or extras that are not advertised, but are still available. Certain terms used by the seller’s agent might be confusing. A realtor understands the language and can help you get the right home for your money.
Resale: Every home buyer should think about the eventual resale of your home. You can depend on a realtor to provide you with a straightforward assessment of the builder. Factors such as location, floor plan, design, the décor and other features that are taken into account in shaping the value of the home.