A Guide to Help Highlight Your Home for Sale

2015/05/house-300x225.jpgThough home sales generally peak by the midyear, it’s been an issue of debate among real estate professionals what is the best time for listing a home. According to Zillow, listing a property sometime between mid-March and mid-April can result in the home selling 15 percent faster and for a slightly higher price.
So if you are planning to put your home on the market in Nashville around this time, you can surely hope to sell it fast and for top dollar in the city’s fast moving real estate market.
Listing a home seems like a routine obligation which all sellers have to follow, but only a few of them know how they can further boost their listing’s appeal. Though you should work with a real estate agent to prepare your home listing, here are a few features that you should highlight to make your property appealing to home buyers:
How your home can help buyers deal with clutter
Highlighting storage space in your home can really make your property’s listing appealing. A major chunk of buyers are those who are purchasing a home for the first time. Lots of renters-turned-prospective home buyers face the problem of lack of space, so if you highlight the storage areas, then you can surely catch their attention, particularly if you’ve a starter home.
Also, highlight the upgrades and additional features which add to the home’s storage space. For example extra closets, built-in closets, customized desks, bookshelves and any upgrade in the garage will be very appealing to buyers. Make sure these things find their place in your marketing materials.
Is your home close to parks, supermarkets, freeways?
Many sellers just assume if a buyer has shown interest in their property, he or she must know about the amenities that the neighborhood offers. It’s a wrong assumption. It can prove a very costly mistake if you don’t highlight your home’s proximity to amenities like supermarkets, freeways, parks, schools, popular restaurants or nightclubs. These features must be part of your listing. This becomes particularly important if the buyer has just relocated or is relocating to Nashville. He or she is unlikely to have any idea about your neighborhood. If there is something in the area which appeals to this buyer, your property immediately becomes the top choice for him or her.
Highlight features that reduce homeownership costs and are eco friendly
If your home has any feature that can reduce maintenance costs, then you must highlight it. Energy-efficient features that reduce the energy, water, and other utility bills are included in this category. You must also communicate to the buyers if your home has any eco-friendly features like a small organic garden, a recycling facility, an organic kitchen garden or a compost bin in place.
Communicating these small features to prospective buyers can really make a big difference. Consult with your real estate agent to know how you can present these features in the best possible way in your home listing.