Homeowners Energy Saving Tips

Buying your first home is a very exciting experience and can sometimes be very tasking as well. Especially when that first energy bill comes in the mail and you can find that it can add to your financial burden. There’s nothing to worry about because there are some great energy saving tips which you can do in order to cut costs and at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint.
Contact your local power utility company and schedule an energy audit. This will provide you with tips and suggestions on how to cut costs on your energy bill especially when there is energy leaking problems within your home. For newly built homes, it could sometimes need breaking in before knowing exactly if there are any problems. For this circumstance, it is best to contact your contractor to fix and repair problems immediately before it gets worse. This can lower down your energy consuming cost by up to 50%.
Check for seal leaks – Leaks are proven to be inefficient because you are losing power or warmth inside your house causing you to turn your thermostat up which costs more money. It is always best to seal it with caulking gun and/or gaskets in order to prevent potential energy loss. Apart from that, energy efficient windows can actually help to save indoor temperature so this is one that you should be looking out for.
Lights and Appliances – this is quite essential and we are always reminded of these. However, we tend to neglect that a simple and decent act can actually save us a lot of money. Turn off any appliances when not in use. Best to unplug them as well because if appliances are still plugged in, chances are, they are drawing power costing you more money on electricity bill. Clean bulbs as often as possible because lights get dimmer and the chance to maximize its full potential gets slim. Purchase LED lights for all your lighting fixtures and anything that can be dimmed is advisable. Think about when a bulb can actually lower down your energy cost to say 1% each month. When you have about 10 that need lighting, then you can lower down your entire energy cost to 10% monthly. Also, power strips are great addition to your energy saving tips. Plugging most of your appliances to power strips will give you the convenience of turning it off all at the same time, instead of plugging it direct into the outlet wall.
During winter, it is inevitable to turn your thermostat all the way up just to give you certain warmth. However, having a humidifier is also proven to be effective in keeping the temperature. Humidifiers can provide moisture to the air and are also beneficial to everyone’s health especially those suffering from lung or bronchial disorders. How does this save energy? It actually keeps the temperature warm thus you do not need to turn up your thermostat the entire day.
This energy saving tips is quite essential especially for homeowners to cut you down on costs. Keeping your house at its well-maintained and maximizing its potential can be something that adds value to your home especially when you are thinking about selling your property. The mid TN real estate market is currently booming and being able to know and follow these guidelines is proven to be beneficial for homeowners especially during these trying times. Everyone has worked hard in order to maintain their homes and cutting down on energy costs are proven to save you more money.