Increase your Listing Inventory by seizing Opportunities

The Middle TN real estate market is progressing with every passing day. The buyers are interested in buying homes and the agents are competing to increase their listing inventory. Listings are synonymous to success these days. Agents are trying their best to seize any and every opportunity. Here are some important tips that can help you to increase your inventory:

1.Connect with FSBOs and Expired Listings

FSBOs (for sale by owners) or people with expired listings are often passionate about selling their property. If you’ll contact them and show your interest in helping them selling their property, most of them would be interested. You need to ensure that you are as motivated about selling the property as they are.

2.Hold an Open House and attract prospective sellers

Open Houses are an extremely important event to build contacts. An open house isn’t just an opportunity to find prospective buyers for an agent but it is also an opportunity to find prospective sellers who might want to sell their homes due to the appreciation in the market. Before holding an open house, it is also important that you advertise it well. Get connected with the neighborhood via social media and other traditional advertising methods. Start sending flyers and brochures of the house you are willing to sell in advance. Your open house also needs to have important information available for the buyers and sellers. You can print out those information leaflets and keep them with the property details. Apart from having specific information about the property, try to have general information flyers about buying and selling a house too.

3.Promote your existing listings

Every prospective seller is interested in what listings you currently have. While sending your details to potential sellers, you can also send a flyer or PDF version of your recently listed properties. It needs to have all the important details about the property along with pictures of the property.

4.Get in touch with your Targeted Neighborhood

Make sure that you have covered your targeted market/neighborhood properly. Use your marketing and advertising materials to gain the attention of prospective sellers in that particular area. You can start contacting them via email. If they show interest, you can call them and set an appointment.

5.Manage your listing inventory well

Pursuing new listings doesn’t mean that you ignore your current listings. You need to make both of them work. Existing listings are more important because they are your clients and if you’ll be able to satisfy their needs, they would spread a positive word of mouth for you. Nothing works better than positive WOM (word of mouth). The important part here is if you want to build a reputable name in the Middle TN real estate market, you need to make constant efforts. Keep improving your marketing and advertising strategies in order to gain a competitive edge over others.