Preparing your home for sale

2014/07/b3-300x185.pngIf you are planning to sell your home, it is understandable that you’ll have to do some preparations. Your home needs to look presentable to attract the prospective buyers. The good part here is that the overall Middle TN real estate market condition is getting better. That’s why; selling your home at a competitive price is possible.

But if you want to achieve this, you need to ensure that you are taking all the possible steps to prepare your property for selling. Now, you’ll have some questions in your mind about how to present your home to a prospective buyer or what kind of fixtures your home might need? Let’s try finding the solutions.

Step#1 Price your home diligently

The most important factor in selling a house is its price. If you price your home right, chances of its selling increases drastically. How to come up with a competitive price? This is where your realtor will help you by drawing sold and active comparables (comps) for you. Active comps are the listings that are listed in the market whereas sold comps are the properties that have been sold. It is important to note here that all these comps have to be similar to your property. For example, if you have a single family residence in a low-end neighborhood, you can’t compare it to the single family residence in a high-end neighborhood.

Step#2 Improving the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is another very important factor that the sellers need to keep in mind. In a real estate scenario, people do judge a book by its cover. If you haven’t kept your front yard tidy and the paint looks bad, buyers would not like to consider it. No matter how well-kept it is from inside, if your porch looks tacky, not many people would be interested in it. A lot of sellers think that it will cost tons of money to improve the curb appeal but it’s not true. If your door is fine, you can just paint it, manicure the lawn, decorate it with some flowerpots and you are good to go. Painting the entire house is always a good idea. It gives a very fresh look to your property.

Step#3 Staging your home for selling

You need to start with making room. You can’t have tons of furniture everywhere when you are showing your house to a prospective buyer. Declutter the house by removing unnecessary things, so the buyers can imagine themselves living in that house. Remove all the personal belongings such as family pictures, personal mementoes etc. It is your job to ensure that the buyer feels comfortable. Buying a home is an emotional decision where the buyer needs to connect with the house. You need to keep this thing in mind. If your electric appliances are too old, you might think about replacing them.

Being a seller, you need to understand that there’s still a lot of competition in the Middle TN real estate market. That’s why; it is your job to ensure that your house have something unique to offer.