Real Estate Blunders that can Decrease Your Home’s Worth

2014/08/Front-Porch-iVallage1-300x217.jpgDuring the home selling process, no one wants to make any blunders which could decrease the worth of their home. But sometimes, sellers unintentionally make some mistakes. This happens because of the lack of knowledge and expertise. The seller doesn’t even realize that he/she is making a blunder and they fall prey to it.
If you are planning to sell your property in the Middle TN real estate market, you need to ensure that you aren’t making the following blunders:
Following Others
This might be one of the most widely made mistakes that sellers make. They try to follow others blindly. It is important that you look at your budget and neighborhood. You can’t just spend thousands of dollars in a neighborhood where there are low-end properties. The expensive repairs won’t pay you off. If you think your home needs some repair, it is better to consult and expert who could guide you about it. Don’t follow the trends just for the sake of it.
Low maintenance of appliances
Appliances are important features of any home. Usually, a buyer expects a home with appliances. That’s why; it is important that you maintain them properly. Poorly kept appliances can decrease the worth of your property. If some of your appliances are completely worn out, it is good to replace them as they help in selling your home faster.
Low maintenances of cooling system
Ventilation and cooling system of your house is very important; especially if you are living in a relatively hot area. You need to ensure that the home is nicely ventilated during the summers. If your home is too hot or foggy, the sellers won’t like to buy them. Therefore, it is important to turn on your AC at a comfortable temperature before the prospective buyers pay you a visit. It is also advised to have some chilly water or lemonade available for the buyers during an open house. It shows the clients that you care.

Not managing small issues
A lot of buyers just ignore small issues or problems with the house such as a faulty switch or a broken cabinet door. Remember, buyers look at every single thing in the house. They flick the switches, open closets, cabinets and drawers. That’s why; it is important that before listing your home for selling, you make sure that all these small issues have been resolved and taken care of. You can make a list of all the issues and work on them. They don’t take much time but they definitely help in maintaining your home’s worth in the Middle TN real estate market.
Playing with colors
Many sellers go wild with the colors. They think that if they will paint their house with lively colors, it will stand out. But that’s not the case. Research indicates that the homes painted with neutral colors attract more buyers. Prospective buyers want to see them living in the home and their taste might not match yours.