Tips for Staging Your Home

014/09/house-stagimg-300x172.jpgIf you are planning to sell your house, there are few things that need to be done. You can’t just sell your house in whatever condition it is because then, you won’t get the price you are looking for. This is where staging a home comes into picture. Staging means that you prepare your home to sell by making it look appealing.

One question that a lot of sellers ask is, “How to set up our home for selling in the Middle TN real estate market?” or “How to set it up for staging?” If you have lived in your home for a long time, chances are you will have accumulated a lot of stuff. What you want to do is when you are getting ready to sell your home is to de-clutter it, and make it a little less personal. You want to have the person come in, imagine themselves living there.

For example, if you have your family pictures in the living room, it is better to remove them. Try to leave some space in all the rooms. Use minimal furniture, so the prospective buyers can connect with the home. This is extremely important because buying a home is an emotional decision more than a practical one.

You also need to ensure that you repaint the entire house, so it could look fresh and inviting. Now keep in mind that you may love green paint on the wall or aqua appliances but that won’t sell your home. What you need to do is to set it up, so there’s space and a neutral, non-offensive color scheme. This allows people to see themselves living in your soon to be former home.

Now the interesting thing I’ve learned over the years is people are funny. Let’s say you have white or beige walls. People will come in and if they don’t like the color, they will say in their mind, and perhaps to the realtor, that we can paint it.

But interestingly enough, if you have an off color or strange color on your wall, when they come in, they’ll say, “Oh, I hate it.” They will either not buy the home or they will discount it in their minds far more than what will cost you for the actual repainting. This is pretty weird but it works that way.

The other option which is used quite often by seller to bring in professional stagers or professional staging services that walk them through the home, and tell them what to box up and put away. You need to find the best stagers in the Middle TN real estate market. They will tell you what to keep out even what colors to repaint? They will also tell you what upgrades you actually need to make because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You want to have your home staged properly with a good curb appeal, so that people can imagine themselves living there.