Your To Do List

2015/10/tm1605122-1010-300x200.jpgIf you’ve never been involved in selling a home before, you may be surprised as to how much paperwork is involved. Dozens of documents need to be reviewed, and dozens more need to be duly signed and notarized to make them “official”.
What really surprises my Middle TN first-time sellers is the disclosure aspect of the sales process. Many first-timers are shocked by the numerous open-ended queries involving issues and events you may not have even considered significant (and some even from times before you acquired your Middle TN home). Believe it or not, many of the disclosures are required by law to prevent any future lawsuits between you (the seller) and the home buyer.
To give you an idea just how surprisingly deep some of the questions are, we’ve picked out a few that most often leave home sellers surprised at the need to disclose them:
Are you aware of…
• any alterations, modifications, remodeling, replacements, or material repairs on the property?
• the release of an illegal or controlled substance on or beneath the property?
• an order from a government health official identifying the property as being contaminated by methamphetamine?
• any renovations of lead based paint surfaces completed in compliance with the EA lead base paint renovation rule?
• past or present odors, urin, discoloration, stains, spots, or damage from pets?
• diseases or infestations affecting trees, plants, or vegetation on or near the property?
• fill (compacted or otherwise) on the property or any portion thereof?
• financial relief or assistance or settlement, sought or received by past or present owners of the property, due to any actual or illegal damage?
If you do come across there types of questions, don’t feel singled out – you’re not being targeted for anything you’ve done. Many of the disclosures are commonly used throughout the state and apply to most Middle TN home sales.
Wondering about other surprising aspects of the home sale process? Give me a call and I’d love to walk you through everything involved. We’ll get through this together!